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An Interview With Sinmara

Icleand has one of the most promising black metal scenes right now, quite some time ago Iceland wasn't really known for black metal at all but as time goes by it's managed to grow.

The bands that are coming out of Icleand are releasing brilliant records and getting attention worldwide.

Sinmara released an album this year which you can find below.

For quite some time now the Icelandic black metal scene has been growing and growing, it's now become extremely popular for people all around the world, what are your opinions on seeing the scene grow throughout the years?
It has been crazy seeing how much the scene has grown since we started. There was hardly a black metal scene in Iceland back then. Maybe a handful of bands where active.

A lot of the bands have had the opportunities including yourselves to play quite a lot of shows in various countries, now going back to what could be seen as the beginning for you, did you ever imagine that you would…

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