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An interview with Carcassbomb (Noob Heavy)

Carcassbomb who is a Brisbane, Australian based metal reviewer and founder of the site Noob Heavy have interviewed each other over the past few days.

It was quite an interesting experience being on the other side and having to answer the questions, I would like to thank Carcassbomb for the opportunity and for taking part on my side.

You can find the interview with me below as well as many other interviews and reviews.

Thank you for taking part in this, could you give an introduction on yourself?

I am Carcassbomb, owner of Noob Heavy. I write, publish and promote various reviews and features with a strong focus on independent and Australian metal artists. I also do PR for various types of metal releases as a by-product of being in the promotion community but do not charge for Noob Heavy coverage - its a self funded passion project and writing exercise. I’m also studying a Bachelor Of Fine Arts (Creative writing & Screen writing)

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