Interview with Daniel From Spawned From Hate

Introduce yourself

Daniel Phipps, Vocalist on Spawned From Hate.

You released a promo back in 2018, what are your future plans in regards to any new releases?

We have a new album which is almost ready musically, we have 7 of 8 tracks in the final stages with the final one being worked on. Out of those 8 songs we have 5 with lyrics completely written so we should be in a position to begin recording soon.

Would you say Spawned From Hates sound has changed in any way since your first EP Withered And Decayed?

It has changed massively since the Withered & Decayed release those tracks had very much a mixture of classic DM with early 90’s Brutal Death Metal thrown in for good measure. With various line up changes the sound has changed with it but as a natural change not a we want to sound like this now.

Do you have any major influences from the early stages of death metal for example the 1980's /1990's when death metal was (in my opinion) at its strongest?

Yes i personally believe you will always take influence from the bands that paved the way for a particular style of music even if you may not sound exactly the way those bands started. Musical styles are not a stagnant thing and it is always going to reinvent the way they sound but they still always will have the roots that got it to where it is now within it somewhere. 

How would you describe the UK death metal scene and what bands would you say are carrying it at the moment?

The bands coming out of the UK over the last 10-15 years have been exceptional and the standard continues to get better. As for bands who are carrying it at the moment bands like Ingested, Cruciamentum, Unfathomable Ruination, Sarpanitum, Crepitation & Party Cannon would be the who have been on top of things over the last 5 plus years.

Where the UK struggles is with show attendance outside of London.  

Outside of the metal genre what other music to you tend to enjoy?

I enjoy some hip hop now and again but I pretty much stick with Death Metal and Hardcore along with the metal stuff I got into when I was 14/15.

How would you describe "Spawned From Hate"?

I would describe our sound as heavily influences by classic US style brutal death metal. 

What has been your favourite gig that you've played and why?

Death to cancer 2 in July 2017 always stands out as my favourite show. 

What albums have stood out for you so far this year?

Desecravity - Anethema 
Devin Townsend - Empath
Carnal - Lecherous Acts of Hedonism
Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion

Shout out any bands or plug any gigs you have coming up

We have a weekender with Chainsaw Castration in July and a show towards the end of July with Bludgeon who we did a weekender with last year.

Thank you for your time Daniel.

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