Interview with Andy from Caïna/Crowhurst

Introduce yourself

I’m Andy and for the last fifteen years or so I’ve made weird tangentially black metal related music as Caïna. I have my 8th album coming out this autumn on Apocalyptic Witchcraft. I am also a member of Crowhurst (USA)

You recently played The Black For Gathering, what 3 bands did you really enjoy that day?

My friends Abduction were the band of the day for me, and my collab with them was the highlight of my experience. Voltumna who I wasn’t previously familiar with were great, and last but not least Sathamel.

Someone who isn't familiar with your music asks you to recommend them 3 songs to listen to, what would they be?

Orphan (Setter of Unseen Snares, 2014)
Hideous Gnosis (Mourner, 2007)
Rhosneigr (split 7” with Cara Neir, 2016)

Name 3 bands you would love to share the stage with?

I’ve never actually played a full live show with the other band I am a member of, Crowhurst (USA) so that would be number one
King Crimson if I can guest on all the Red songs
friends of Caïna Integrity (USA)

3 essential black metal albums?

This is such a huge question that no answer I give could be remotely complete. Having said that, leaving aside the most obvious big leaguer ones:
Mutiilation - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom
Judas Iscariot - Distant in Solitary Night

You get the opportunity to start a band with any 3 musicians, who would they be and why?

Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel/Solo) on guitar and synth loops
Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh, the nicest man in music) on guitar, drum machine programming and vocals
myself on bass, guitars, arrangement, etc
Bill Bruford (drums)

If you had to describe your music using 3 words what would they be?


I've noticed you have a Wrath Of The Tyrant tattoo, what are your 3 favourite Emperor songs?

The Ancient Queen (demo), Night of the Graveless Souls, Inno A Satana

Who are 3 of your favourite non metal bands/artist's?

Scott Walker, Brian Eno, The Cure

Name 3 countries you'd love to play?

Japan, South Korea and somewhere in Scandinavia

Name your 3 favourite UKBM bands?

The Axis of Perdition, Basilisk/Abandon/Hateful Abandon, Old Forest

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