Interview with Bryce from Abigail Williams+More

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Introduce yourself

Im Bryce Butler! I play drums for Abigail Williams, Brojob, Circuit of Suns, Lord Mantis, and 9 other bands.

You were recently endorsed by Los Cabos who also endorse some excellent drummers such David Mcgraw from Cattle Decapitation, how does feel knowing your part of the same family?

I'm completely humbled to be a part of such an incredible family! Los Cabos has the best sticks with the best customer service. I'm truly honored to be playing the same sticks as some of my favorite drummers!!

Not long ago you were in the UK with Abigail Williams, I managed to attend the Sheffield show which was brilliant, what are your most memorable moments from the whole tour?

Thank you so much!! There were lots of awesome and funny moments but I think the best part in general was just the friendships we made with The Infernal Sea. We had countless funny and crazy adventures and I can't wait to tour with them again in the future!

What made you want to start playing the drums?

I don't think I ever really had a choice hahaha pretty much everyone in my family is also a musician, so drumming really just came naturally to me. The first thing I ever played was Get Over It by The Eagles on stools when I was 3 years old!

Can you remember your first ever kit? What was your set up?

I got my first real full drum set at 5 years old! I think it was just a really old black Premier kit with Zildjian Scimitar cymbals haha

This year has been excellent so far for metal releases, what albums have stood out for you recently?

My favorite releases so far this year are probably Empath by Devin Townsend, and the new Periphery album. I'm also super stoked for the new Lorna Shore album to come out!

If you could form a band with any musicians who would they be? What genre and why?

I basically just want to play drums for Circa Survive more than anything in the world hahaha but if it was metal, I'd love to see what could happen with Joe Haley and Justin McKinney on guitar and Evan Brewer on bass. I just really like their individual styles and I'd be honored to be able to create anything with them!

If you could tour any country where would you choose?

The next two places on my bucket list are Australia and then Sweden!! I really want to see everything I can!

Besides from music what else do you tend to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

I really don't do anything but music! but I do really like to sing! Also I'm obsessed with Circa Survive and have to listen to them every day, so I guess those are considered my hobbies haha

Shout out any bands you think we should check out, plug any shows you have coming up

Branding Sacrifice is a super sick band and is about to do really cool stuff! Check them out if you haven't already! Here's the shows I have coming up!

W/ Circuit Of Suns supporting Dying Fetus

7/25 Amityville, NY - Amityville Music Hall
7/26 Providence, RI - Alchemy
7/28 Manchester, NH - Bungalow W/ Contrarian supporting Pathology and Narcotic Wasteland
08/13/2019 Boston, MA - Once Ballroom
08/14/2019 Quebec City, QC - La Source de la Martinière
08/15/2019 Montreal, QC - Piranha Bar
08/16/2019 Seneca, NY - Rockin Buffalo Saloon
08/17/2019 Brooklyn, NY - St. Vitus Bar

W/ Brojob + support from Inferious

10/11/19 Newport, KY - Thompson House
10/12/19 St. Louis, MO - Fubar
10/13/19 Shawnee, KS - Roxy Bar

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