Interview with Howard from Acid Reign

Let's start this off with an introduction:
Hi I'm Howard. 

What was the first gig that Acid Reign played?

Harrogate hometown gig after we had recorded the Moshkinstein mini album. 

You guys played Bloodstock in 2016, what did you enjoy the most about your set?

The fact that we broke the attendance and crowd surfing record for the Sophie tent. 

In your opinion what was the best tour that you guys got to be part of?

Nuclear Assault Can You Survive Brain Death. UK tour plus 4 dates in Holland with three days off in Amsterdam. I was 18.

Name 3 albums that you can listen to and repeat?

New Acid Reign album, Tool Animea, Reign In Blood. 

How would you describe Thrash to someone who is unaware of the genre?

I seem to do that a lot. I say it's Heavy Metal but faster, heavier with more energy. 

What Acid Reign album what you introduce to somebody who was interested in what you sound like and why?

The New one because its our best yet. 

When the band broke up in 1991 did you form any other bands that you would say had success or did you stay away from music for that time?

Strange Thing in Newcastle you can download all our stuff on the Acid Reign bandcamp page.

What are the future plans for Acid Reign?

Release the new album in September and then promote/tour the fuck out of it. 

Any bands we should check out or plug any gigs you have coming up.

Tour will be before the end of the year. Not a band but go check out my podcast Talking Bollocks, I've had everyone from on Fish to Max Cavalera, from James Murphy to Scott Ian.

Thank you for your time Howard.
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