Interview with No-One from The Suns Journey Through The Night

Introduce yourself

I am No-one the only member of “The Suns Journey Through The Night”

What was the main influence for your project?

This project is a vehicle for my message, which is that we as a species should be turning our backs on ALL organised religion, as well as destroying those on our society who seek to hold us back as a species. The project was birthed by a great anger for those who celebrate a falsehood, while neglecting that which is real, and is dying due to neglect.

Would you ever play your music live at all or is this strictly a studio project?

This is a studio project, playing live doesn’t interest me as I am already an active touring musician with another project

Have you got or had any others projects aside from this one?

Yes,  but in the interest of anonymity, I cannot name my other projects

What black metal albums would you say have a huge impact on the genre itself?

There are so many, in the nightside eclipse by emperor is one that I would say has had a very large impact on the movement of the genre.

What UK black metal bands are you enjoying at the moment?

I love From the bogs of aughiska, they are an Irish band and I’ve been obsessed with their music for a very long time now. I also have to mention the mighty Crimson Throne, Abduction and Sacred Son, who are all on constant rotation for myself.

How would you describe your music? I enjoy asking this question as it's interesting to hear what people think of their own music.

Bleak, uncomfortable, morbid. I essentially wanted to blend DSBM with Nick cave, which I think you can hear on my latest track “Women and Children”

What do you think the best platform is to promote your music, what sites get you the most interest?

I get a lot of attention on Instagram, I think it’s because I’m quite visual with how I spread my music and my message, and visual stuff works best on Instagram.

Any bands you've seen live this year that you've been extremely impressed by?

MGLA were amazing, pure energy, like a dark cloud, an amazing live presence.

Any shout outs at all?

To all who follow my project, have listened to my music, bought a shirt, shown a friend, thank you. And HAIL to my black metal brothers and sisters who keep this genre alive, exciting and fucking dangerous. Hail No-one

Thank you for your time No-one.

Be sure to check out The Suns Journey Through The Night via the link at the top.


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