Interview with Wolves In Exile

Introduce yourself/yourselves

Skoth: I am Skoth, guitar player and bass player from UK Black Metal band Wolves In Exile.

Razakel: I am Razakel, I have been in and around the UKBM scene for coming up to 20 years now, in one form or another. I am Vocalist for Wolves in exile and Baalberith.

You've just signed to UKEM records (congratulations by the way) alongside Wolfbastard, Burial and many more,how are you feeling about this?

Codex: I don’t know how to feel at the moment. It’s just good to know that more people are going to hear the music and that some are already enjoying it.

Skoth: I'm feeling really positive about it. My other band, Deadwood Lake, recently signed to the label as well and good things are coming. So I'm looking forward to working with Chris some more.

Razakel: This is an accomplished achievement for me, I have admired UKem records and its consistency for many years, so this is the perfect debut for us.

You'll be releasing an album later on this year titled "Rising From The Frozen Underworld" how is that going so far?

Codex: Production is steady, we have visions we want to realize and sometimes we put a lot of emphasis on fine details which can be slow going but when we get on a roll it’s exhilarating.

Skoth: The recording process is nearing completion. It's running as smoothly as I want it to.

Razakel: Not to give away any secrets here, but we are more than halfway to completion. 

You have 2 tracks out at the moment which are on Soundcloud and YouTube from what I've seen, which platform do you feel is best for when it comes to supporting your music?

Codex: Soundcloud is more friendly for music listening, but YouTube seems better for music discovery. 

Skoth: I buy a lot of digital music from Bandcamp and stream a lot on Spotify. I feel this would be a good bet for the release as I also know a lot of people who do the same.

Razakel: Youtube by far I think, in terms of people discovering new music with minimal effort.

You're all in other bands/projects aside from "Wolves In Exile" those being "Deadwood Lake", "Ectoplague" and "Baalberith", would you say it's easy or difficult managing to balance out this project and the bands you were in beforehand?

Codex: Sometimes the mood is simply to go with one project for a period of time and then when inspiration strikes in a different direction we go that way. It’s just good to have several outlets for our multiple interests. 

Skoth: I find it relatively easy most of the time. I am the main songwriter of the band so working on Wolves is good because I can use a lot of my riffs which wouldn't fit into the Deadwood Lake material. It gives a sense of variety when writing songs for each band.

Razakel: for me, this is not complicated, each band/project has its own sound and its place within that sound, so jumping from one to another is simplistic. I allow each project to immerse me within its traits.

From what I've seen "Rising From The Frozen Underworld" was originally going to be an EP, what made you change your mind and turn it into an album?

Codex: We like to tell stories and when you’re telling a story sometimes it’s a lot bigger than you originally thought. Especially when you hit a burst of creativity.

Skoth: Well, I have some more ideas for songs and can't wait to show them to the world. Plus we feel that an album would make it further than an EP.

Razakel: We decided to the way forward for this release was to take the 'concept' route, now the problem when creating a mythological tale is...when does it end? 

What words would you use to describe your music?

Codex: Heavy Dark fantasy metal. I’m a huge fan of anything dealing with high fantasy and injecting darker themes into it is so easy to get into. 

Skoth: Atmospheric, Melodic and Catchy.

Razakel: I don't know... its black metal, but not your average 'generic' sound. we use an unorthodox 'trial and error' approach into creating music. The vision is present... creating that vision is not so straight forward.

Is the album art staying the same as what you originally announced for the EP? Who created the artwork as well?

Razakel: This is a discussion I have had recently.... and that will be determined at a later date, from one aspect i feel that now this is more than just a debut E.P, that all previous art, etc should be revised. but that's not set in stone.

Where did the name "Wolves In Exile" come from?

Razakel: When creating a name, it took a great deal of time, I wanted a name that could inspire our lyrical themes, and capture the atmosphere/emotion of our music.

And wolves in exile came after a long creative block. I knew straight was the one.

Any shout outs at all?

Skoth: A shout out to my other band, Deadwood Lake. And to some other UKBM bands! The Infernal Sea, Necronautical, Heathen Deity, Old Corpse Road, and Sidious!

Razakel: Yes, First of all, it only makes sense to give a shout out to all those who are relentlessly re-sharing our posts, interacting with our social media posts, etc following our journey and supporting us the whole way.

that aside, there are a few bands that spring to mind, Heathen Deity, Thy dying light, Old Corpse Road, Suffering, Misanthropic existence, Baalberith [obviously], and a couple of bands that are no longer active / less active, Infernal creation, Immortal empire

Thank you for your time and be sure to check out Wolves In Exile via the link at the top.


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