Interview with Catafalque from Voices Of Grief

Introduce yourself

You forgot to say: "Hello"! So, with no greetings, let's talk... Do you want me introduce myself? Okay. Well... I am Catafalque from VOICES OF GRIEF!

In April the self titled EP was released via "MSH Music Group" it's still early days for it but what has the overall reaction from the public been like so far?

Well.. Actually, I've heard something about our EP, you know! And if we're talking about human reaction... Hmm. As I know, people likes our music, and I have not heard anything bad about VOICES OF GRIEF.

When it came to choosing the band's name what made you choose "Voices Of Grief"?

The band name was chosen before the actual creation. It may sound pompous, but this name was given by depression.
In fact, depression has become the source of everything made us make music in a format as we do. A kind of dark sorrow's inspiration, one step to suicide. And if we can create it, maybe it means that grief can speak and does it through us? If it's true, we are the voices of grief, that's it.

Onto lyrical content, what theme do you tend to focus on when it comes to writing the lyrics?

I do not concentrate on what was invented on purpose. My lyrics are a reflection of my thoughts, my mood, my world view and creative images. I know, everyone who can write lyrics says the same thing, but it's true! if you create something, you must do it absolutely honestly - if you are a songwriter, you must write from the inside of you! What's inside of me? There is darkness... Darkness that is full of sorrow, hatred, pain, etc. Many people feel something like this, but not all of them are damned by poetry. Poetry makes us compliment our pain.

Before forming "Voices Of Grief" in 2018 did you have any other bands/projects that some readers may not know about?

As for me, yes, I had a project ten years ago, but nothing important. Just a lot of alcohol and a few tracks that were recorded. Something like was in Daron's past. Of course, Anton Rosa is the most experienced member of the band. Нe is the creator and leader of such great band as DOMINIA and GOD EAT GOD. In addition, he is a member of other projects.

Is live performances on the cards for the band at all?

I think, yes... But we decided to choose a more studio mode, so to speak, if I may say so. Мaybe later, when we all that we do will be absolute, then we allow ourselves a live performance. We are perfectionists, is why we need to be sure that we are ready to let people look into our eyes.

Your music is described as "Black/Doom metal" what was it about these two genres specifically that made you think that you can express yourself through them combined?

I think this is obvious. Black Metal is our aggression. Unmanageable impulsiveness that makes us run to the edge of the world.
Makes us run to the horizon, then jump into the abyss... This is our eternal night and our restrained despair. Our Doom Metal. VOICES OF GRIEF is like emotions fading in the cold to catch fire again.

Which song off of the EP did you enjoy the creative process of the most?

I like all our songs. Do you know parents who think their children are ugly? Вut this is not narcissism. We are quite demanding of ourselves when we are in the process of creating.

Going back to "MSH Music Group" how did this all come about? Did they contact you in regards to releasing your music or did you search for the appropriate one?

It all happened because "MSH Music Group" found Anton’s project GOD EAT GOD. Then was DOMINIA. At that time we were not yet ready to demonstrate VOICES OF GRIEF. Вut when ЕР was ready, we were able to interest the label in that we deserve to speak out loud.

Any shout outs at all?

Who screams the loudest, has nothing to say.

Thank you for your time Catafalque and be sure to support Voices Of Grief via the link at the top.


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