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At the point of Fraser contacting me I was thinking to myself about interviewing him in a different way which he was more than happy to try out.

I will hopefully be providing more content like this as I rather enjoyed it.

We had a very interesting conversation which I present to you now.

If you'd like to introduce yourself to the readers, some may know who you are and some may not.

Sure, Im Fraser, I play guitar and provide vocals for Tilde. Our band has taken many forms since starting in 2015 but we are a two piece drone / post rock band. Previously I played guitar and sang in Voe which was a post metal band and spent a short time in Caïna playing bass for a few live shows.

So let's start off with Tilde, these previous forms you mentioned, what were they exactly?

Tilde started as a two piece drone project with myself on bass/ samples and my friend Thomas on synth/ loops. Thomas was very much in to power electronics, harsh noise and alot of obscure black metal so I was intrigued what a collaboration between us would be. I was coming from a background of stuff like Sunn, Khanate, Godflesh and Neurosis. We ended up bringing in Iain who I had played with in Voe on guitar, just to maybe make more sense of the low end rumble and add another texture to what we were doing. We recorded our first album 'I' as that line up, one 50 minute piece of harsh drone, me on bass/ samples, Tom on synth/ effects and Iain on guitar/ piano/ samples.

After the album was out, we hit long periods, well by our standards, of down time so I started creating ambient drone pieces using guitar, field recordings and midi synth plug ins on my laptop, I done a split tape with my friend Sam with his Mycelium project which he put out on tape via his Vetala label. I then done a few more ambient drone pieces to scratch a creative itch, I didnt intend for them to be released as Tilde, just really made them as samples but as I started making them, they started to take more of a 'song' direction, so I released "Womb // Father" , "Delve" and After that, full band activity resumed. We brought in the old Voe drummer Iain as the direction we were going, in my opinion, really needed something to drive us along and add another layer to what we were doing and it was at that time that I switched from bass to guitar, which was always my first instrument. As time went on, Tom (I dont think he'll mind me saying) was becoming less interested in what we were writing so bowed out and guitarist Iain bowed out firstly from live activity, and then all together to focus on writing other stuff and spend more time with his lovely family. And that brings us up to date. Iain and I are very similar in the music we like, not just heavier stuff. He also chills me out when I want to be almost OVER active. We write what feels natural without too much thought on aesthetic or things like that. We recorded our latest e.p last year and released it in June. I must give a massive mention too to Lewis Glass who recorded both our album and our e.p. He has done live guitar with us too and has been a wonderful support throughout Tilde's many forms.

So how long was Voe an active band for? As you've mentioned members of the band joined you with Tilde, did Tilde end up becoming the main focus for you at that present moment?

Voe was active from around 2013 until 2015. We released an e.p and played in and around Glasgow ALOT, maybe to the point of burn out. Towards the end of Voe, I joined ACB's live band in Caïna for a few months, which saw us play Temples fest, which was an absolute honour. It was after that that Voe ended and a few months later Tilde started, so the two never existed at the same time.

That temples fest was in 2015 which had quite an impressive lineup, Celeste, Nails, Trap Them etc, Caïna played the same stage as Sunn who you mentioned earlier in regards to your background, how was that being able to perform at the same festival as them and then to witness the performance afterwards?

It was absolutely unreal. Sunn have been a constant source of inspiration for me for so many years, so to arrive at the venue and witness them loading in their wall of amps and line checking was beyond my expectations. It was all a bit surreal. To open the main stage and then watch the likes of Celeste and Goatsnake during the day was incredible. That was also my first time seeing Sonance who blew me away. But yeah, Sunn really were on another level entirely. Out of this world.

I have a friend who went to Temples Fest just for that day and he said it was insane seeing Sunn, apparently he saw that a lot of people just couldn't handle it and left because it was just so loud, It's a shame that Temples Fest isn't around anymore, what would you say has been the best show you've played with Tilde?

Yeah, apparently there was structural damage to the building after their set which is insane!!

The best show that we have played with Tilde without doubt is GNAW8 down in Newcastle. It stands for Great North Amplifier Worship, its run by a band called Waheela who are incredible, I dont even know how to describe them, kinda like if Earthless or Grails had a black metal vocalist. Really long jams, intense, free form and psychadelic. They are the best guys too. They run an all dayer every year and last year we played a collaboration set with Nathalie Stern who uses her voice as an instrument through her synth and effects pedals. She is a wonderful person whom Iain and I are massive fans of, so we were thrilled when she agreed to do the set. We agreed on a loose structure the afternoon of the show but the piece was 80% improvised. There was just such an amazing energy in the venue and when we came offstage, everyone was so kind. We really feel part of the music community down there. We recorded the set too, which is available on bandcamp for those who want to check it out.

Yeah I heard that, I think they had to push things behind the next day because it still needed working on.

I think that is the kind of reception that is needed everywhere really, just a humble crowd without a single bad word to say about anyone's set, on the subject of bandcamp and other platforms that music can be shared on including social media which platform would you say gets you noticed more? in my opinion and obviously with the experience I'd personally say Instagram gets me the following in which I hope for, Facebook is absolutely atrocious if you don't have £24 a day to spend on ads that most likely get you 60% bot likes.

I have to agree about Facebook! I hate that bands and pages have to boost posts just to get the basic level of exposure, it doesnt really sit well with me. I have to say that Instagram is where we have got the most exposure. I have met so many wonderful and likeminded people through my instagram, people like G of The Arcane Sanctum, he lives so far from me but we are in touch everyday and he has been so supportive of Tilde and I count him as one of my best friends. That was all through instagram. So yeah, id say instagram is good to connect with people, much like you and I now, which is wonderful. Bandcamp is good in terms of collecting and sharing music but the cut they take from a band's sale isnt the greatest, but i guess that its free to use in the first place.

I must admit that I did once try and boost an early interview through Facebook and ended up just deleting the ad because it pulled in next to nothing, Instagram has always been the go to platform, I do agree G is very supportive, even though we haven't met in person he's been quite supportive of my work and I have shown the same in return, let's take the focus back to your music specifically, would you say it's difficult to create Drone at all? Obviously times may arise in which it does with every band I imagine that it may sound similar to someone else or even to one of your own songs.

It is a lot more difficult than some people may think, absolutely! There has been times in the past when i've been writing something and then stop because it is going in too familiar a direction shall we say! Ha. Thats what is so good about having Iain too, he has a synth box, so he can underpin what im doing with a low frequency which gives me more options when doing live looping and building layers up.

I thought so, I just imagined it being extremely hard to create something that has no relation to anything else, if you could start another band aside from Tilde what sort of genre route would you go down and why?

It can be very hard to stick to the theme of what youre doing without going off on a self indulgent tangent!! As far as a side project, that's a hard one. Ive always thought it would fun to flip the script and play in a fast band, but i'd need to PRACTISE like crazy, playing fast definitely isn't my forte haha.

Something along the lines of grindcore, you could play fast to the point of a song being 2 maybe 3 seconds long and people would still love it, so for the final section which I always find interesting knowing who people have seen and what albums have been stand out for them so far, what would you say have been the best bands you've seen so far this year and what albums have you really enjoyed this year?

Yeah, I could just about manage that!! Maybe 30 seconds fast with a slammy part haha. In terms of shows, I have literally only been to two, which is madness and a little embarrassing. Me and my partner Jade went to Manchester to see The Twilight Sad (whose album has been a constant for me this year) and I saw Wrekmeister Harmonies in a small bar in Glasgow which was absolutely incredible. I really need to make more of an effort with shows, but I have a little boy and Jade and I both work shifts so its so difficult. Must try harder. In terms of albums, there have been so many. Id say off the top of my head,  Big Brave ' a gaze among them' , The Comet is Coming 'trust in the lifeforce of the deep mystery', Verwoed 'de val' Sunn 'life metal' aaaaaaand Rakta 'falha comum'.

I know the feeling I think I've been to 3 this year so far, it all comes down to working hours, I haven't heard of those bands before but I will check them out, I'm yet to listen to life metal and I keep meaning to but I've been stuck in the phase of listening to the same 2-3 albums everyday, we'll wrap this up now, thanks for taking your time to answer my questions Fraser and for reaching out to me as well I very much appreciate it, do you have any shout outs at all?

Thank you so much, ive enjoyed it. I really enjoy reading your interviews so its been great to be a part of one! In terms out shout outs, apart from The Arcane Sanctum, I just want to say how happy I am that ACB is active again with Caïna, I also want to mention Pijn, Natural Orthodoxy and Gladden Fields.

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